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I’m writing this the day before we go live ….. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

I’ve been hobby crafting for friends and families for years.  Got into proper selling late last year, tried really hard to promote and get seen, but it just seemed increasingly difficult to get a steady flow of orders and income.  And with 3 kids aged 4 and under, and being a trustee for an animal charity, I seemed to spend all my time promoting rather than being able to get crafty and started to get really despondent about the whole thing and lost my crafting mojo.

Started to think it was just me, til I came to senses and realised there must be lots of crafters, who make fabulous stuff at great prices, and work themselves to the bone, feeling like me, with a random sale once every three weeks, and ghost town page that can’t even get interaction with a giveaway of (if you could call it this) your most popular seasonal product!!!

Once I realised there were lots of crafting me’s out there, questioning their products, questioning their skill, wondering what the point was, and so I reached out to them, asked them to join my new venture to boost those struggling by utilising one piece of the internet as a marketing and selling tool for everyone.  A way that every time a member shares their own stuff, yours get shared automatically.   Reach and being seen is by far the hardest of breaking the craft market, but with that comes even more admin time spent networking, liking pages, commenting on products, sharing content …. and in the end is it really worth it, with Facebook changing algorithms to completely control what gets seen, by how many and how often.

And thus, The Octopus Garden was created.  With currently 11 members, the group itself has already proven to be a great little “club”, members have got help with pricing, tags, even logo creation and on top of all the practical help there is an emotional support network, other crafters that know what its like to start losing hope and can pep you up with a friendly word and virtual hug.

I wanted to create a selling platform, affordable, unlike other “websites”, where people can look fora wide range of personalised, custom and generally awesome gifts and treats by lots of sellers, to try and help sellers struggling break the cycle.  And that’s exactly what I done.

Im terrified of everything, for tomorrow lol.  I’m scared the check out wont work, or I have gotten postage wrong, or the website is just going to crash lol  But nothing ventured, nothing gained and everything has teething problems right 😀

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Katie says:

    Happy Thursday everyone. Here I am on my very first blog ever in the history of the world but decided ‘It has to be done’ so here goes. Zee, by the way, you are awesome at setting us crafters up with our own web page – thank you, thank you thank you.

    Now on the what I am up to this very cold (hail stone hitting) day here in Newton Stewart. It’s Bears Day Thursday for me – have three to make and get in to the mail by the weekend. One cut out and now being ‘put together’ so two still to start from scratch. These bears are being made out of ‘Grandmother’s Dressing Gown’ in the most amazing pale blue. Working with pre-loved fabric and creating bears gives me the feeling of ‘knowing’ the personality the bear will take on once it’s finished…. Off to the sewing shed, with coffee in hand!

  2. keepsakequiltsbykatie says:

    So Thursday saw me starting the three memory bears and today seems me finished them off and getting them ready for the ‘photo shoot’ – yes with white background to show them off at their best – and I’m going to do a video. First one of those, so that should be Sunday’s challenge done by 9 a.m. Then it’s on to decking the halls and putting up all things festive. That of course happens, after the hubby gets everything down from the loft. Christmas music will be being played – just bought Josh Groban’s Noel Album and it is fabulous and of course Mr. Buble along with Robbie and Rod …. love a December Sunday. Happy Saturday evening everyone. Katie xx

  3. keepsakequiltsbykatie says:

    Well, a busy week and it’s only Wednesday. Got 3 Memory Bears finished off and in the mail on Monday and they’ve arrived safe and sound in Kent already and a very happy customer who is saving them up for under the Christmas tree for her Mum and her Daughter and one for herself too. She says there will be ‘tears’ …. (happy ones, I’m hoping for!) and there’s enough fabric left over from her Grandmother’s Housecoat for her to make cushion covers – something to hug whenever she needs one. And yesterday I started on a Memory Quilt for two little girls up here in Scotland. It’s great working with the little outfits and laying them all out. Sitting room floor is the best place which does mean ‘stepping over’ carefully, and with the yucky melting snow outside there are some amazing ‘moves’ created by both hubby and myself. Today will, hopefully, see me popping the fleece lining on the back and finishing it off so that I can get it in the mail tomorrow. Another ‘little something’ for under the Christmas tree for these two little girls. Right, coffee first and onwards and upwards. Happy Wednesday everyone. Katie

  4. keepsakequiltsbykatie says:

    Thursday morning and by 11:00 I had ventured out in the pouring rain (oh! please can we have the snow back, it is so much nicer?) to the Post Office to post a Memory Quilt made up of some fabulous outfits for two little girls up in Aberdeenshire, whom, I’m hoping, will be snuggling up under the Christmas tree and finding the ‘hidden’ pocket that I created. No doubt their Mum will find many an ‘unusual’ item in there over the years to come, and I just hope it’s not an old mince pie!!! So this afternoon, it’s on to my girl friend’s birthday present and I’m on ‘9 Ladies Dancing’. It all started 9 years ago when I created ‘A Partridge In A Pear Tree’ and what I thought would be just a one-off cushion cover. But so delighted with it, she announced “Oh! it’s fabulous Katie, now I know what I’m going to get for the next 11 years.” and so, her festive birthday (Dec 21st) is now an annual event. Of course, being the nut case that she is (would you ever have any other kind of besty friend who wasn’t?) she doesn’t take them out just at Christmas. Oh no! she has them out all year round. Happy Thursday everyone. Keep warm and dry. Katie

  5. keepsakequiltsbykatie says:

    Well, here we are January 2018 and Christmas has been and gone without one mouthful of turkey due to the flue rendering me under the duvet for most of that week ….. did manage to unwrap all the fab pressies but that was my total contribution. So, going to brighten up the start of the year and jump right into Valentine’s Day creating. Can’t wait to see what you other creative peeps will be teasing folks with. Here’s to 2018 being fabulous and we all get sales, sales and more sales. Happy Crafting.

  6. keepsakequiltsbykatie says:

    Well, here we are nearing the end of January 2018 already! Man and that month disappeared …. well, unless you suffered from that awful cold (yes, me too)! So it’s been back in the sewing shed for me and I’ve been creating quilts for taking with me to fairs and of course, they’ve been posted on here and on my own Facebook page. I have one Keepsake Baby quilt to start for a friend’s Grand daughter. Just opened up the box and all of her outfits are now lying on the spare bedroom floor where they will stay until I am happy with the layout before I start to construct it. I find leaving the outfits laid out for about a week really does help me decide on the right design. Luckily, hubby is away so no one will be going in to the spare room apart from me! Onwards and upwards everyone. Take care and Happy Crafting.

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