Sellers FAQs

I want to sell…​
We are always on the look out for people who would like to join this wonderful team.  If you are interested please fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.​

I am not based in the UK.  Can I still sell on The Octopus Garden?
Currently we are only taking applications from sellers based in the UK.  We do accept sellers that sell to countries outside of the UK.

Am I obligated to join if I apply?
No, applying does not mean you have to start selling with us.  You can make that decision if you area accepted.

What are the fees?
As we aim to help those sellers who are currently struggling, we only ask for a basic monthly fee, which pays towards site fees and maintenance / management.  There is no fee for listing items, and we take ZERO comission from your sales.  We didn’t set this up to get rich off of your back, we set this up to HELP small creative business like you.

I don’t have any web design skills, is that a problem?
No, we manage your shop, products and all site maintenance for you, so you dont have to waste any time on the website …. you just get to create and continue to make beautiful things.

I don’t have much spare time to upload to my shop, is that a problem?
That’s the beauty of what we do here.  You dont worry about listings, creating your shop, stocking your shop, changing items in your shop, changing prices, putting on sales …. we do it all for you, you just tell us what you want added or changed and we do all the hard work.

Is there a minimum term?
There is no minimum term.  You are not tied in to us.  You pay on a rolling monthly basis, and can cancel at any time.  We will continue to host and promote your shop until the end of the month you have paid for and then you will not be required to pay anymore and your shop and products will be removed from our site.  It’s worth noting that should you change your mind, you will have to re apply to sell in The Octopus Garden and as we limit the number of sellers to maintain a broad but unsaturated shopping experience you may have to go onto a waiting list before we can re-accept your application.

Do I need professional images to apply?
We don’t expect you to pay for professional images to apply, however photographs taken in natural light with no flash produce better photographs and better photographs help sell your product, so we do advise whether you want to sell in The Octopus Garden or not, you take a look at your current photographs and make sure they are working for your product.  Try a google search on a DIY Lightbox too 😉

Apply to Sell​

Please note, we are looking for sellers of quality products that differ from products already for sale on this site.  Please don’t be offended if we cant offer you a space on the selling team right now, we will hold your details on file and be in touch if a space does become available.